Dogs :: Mastering Puppy Leash Training

Does your puppy refuse to keep pace with you while walking in the public? It is a very awkward and frustrating situation when your puppy sits down or stops when you are trying to take him for a walk. This is a great example of why puppy leash training is necessary and how it can help get rid of some of these frustrating situations. Your puppy should be trained to walk with you without being stubborn — and there is likely a reason they are being difficult. Leash training will teach your puppy to walk on a leash without causing you stress every time you go for a walk. This is an important thing to train your puppy since leash training is a very basic lesson they will need to learn before going onto more advanced lessons such as housebreaking.

Puppy leash training requires certain basic steps which you should follow. If you do not follow a steady, consistent training plan you will not reduce their tugging and pulling. When going on walks use a soft and comfortable collar for your puppy that will not harm them in any way. From the beginning make it a habit for your puppy to be attached by the collar every time you go for a walk. You have to use a collar that goes around your puppy’s neck even if they are stubborn about wearing it at first. If you feel dog walker atlanta it may help, use a harness style restraint that goes under the dog’s belly. For a few days your puppy may not like the collar but they will adjust over the course of their training — just be persistent.

Once you find your puppy totally comfortable with the leash you may take him out for a walk. If your puppy is uncomfortable give them some more time to get used to it. Puppy leash training requires you to keep slack in the leash and make sure the puppy is comfortable. If your puppy is still being stubborn then he is not yet ready to go for a walk. Try tying the collar around your puppy and walking with him inside your room and in between praise him for keeping pace with you. The moment your puppy starts to pull give a quick little tug and start walking in another direction. This will eventually lead them to follow the same way you are walking.

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